Behind the Wheel Training

Getting your license opens up a world of independence and freedom. But learning to drive can seem daunting. That’s why our driving school is here to help. Our experienced instructors break down every step and skill into simple, easy-to-grasp lessons. We provide a supportive environment for building your confidence behind the wheel. Our flexible scheduling ensures you learn at your own pace. And we’re with you every mile of the way until you’re fully prepared to pass your test with flying colors. Don’t put off living your life to the fullest. Take control and start your driving journey with us. You’ll be licensed and on the road before you know it!

How can Personalized Lessons Benefit you?

Focused 1-on-1 attention

A personalized lesson allows the instructor to focus solely on you and your specific learning needs. You get tailored coaching to help improve the areas you struggle with.

Learn at your Own Pace

With personalized instruction, you don't have to worry about moving too fast or too slowly. The lessons move at your pace, spending more or less time on topics based on your comfort level. You fully master skills before progressing.

Priority on safety

The individualized setting allows the instructor to instill safe driving habits from the start. You'll learn proper techniques, procedures, and mindsets to always make safety the top priority behind the wheel.

  • 1 Hour Driving Lesson (from school)
  • 7 Hour Teen Driving Lesson(from School)
Individual Driving Lessons
2 Hour Driving Lesson
On site (from school)
2 Hour Driving Lesson
Pick up & drop off 3-5mi from the school
2 Hour Driving Lesson
Pick up & drop off 5-8mi from the school
2 Hour Driving Lesson
Pick up & drop off 8-10mi from the school

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About Us

At Crossroad Driving School, our experienced instructors provide personalized driver education for teens and adults. With a focus on safety, our curriculum covers traffic laws, vehicle control, and responsible driving skills. We are committed to helping students become confident drivers.


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