DPS Authorized Road Test

Passing your road test can be stressful, but our driving school has packages to ensure you succeed. Our standard test prep provides a refresher on rules, parking, turns and hazard perception to build confidence before your exam. Add on a 1 or 2 hour driving lesson to reinforce good habits behind the actual test wheel. The extra in-car practice time lets you ask instructor questions and brush up on skills so you ace the test. Our bundled offerings refresh your abilities so you can leave a licensed Driver!

Road Test Requirements

Teen Requirements

  • Must be at least 16 years old and old a valid Texas Learner License (rest. BF) for at least 180 day
  • Compeltion of 32 hrs certificate (DE-964 fDE-964 says for Driver License only on top)
  • Texas Teen Impact Certificate (ITTD)
  • VOE (verification of enrollment)
  • 30 Hour Log Sheet
  • Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian

Adult Requirements

  • Must be at least 18
  • Valid Texas Drivers License (rest. B)
  • Texas Adult Impact Certificate (ITAD)
  • 6-Hour Adult Driver's Education certificate (ADE-1317)(age: 18-24)
  • Vehicle Requirements​

    • Must have Valid Registration
    • insurance copy (must show vin number)
    • Front and back license plate (must be mounted)(if metal)
    • Temporary plate texas buyer or metal texas dealer
    • functioning indicators
    • Brakes lights function
    • No donut tire
    • No engine sign
    • No rental Car

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    At Crossroad Driving School, our experienced instructors provide personalized driver education for teens and adults. With a focus on safety, our curriculum covers traffic laws, vehicle control, and responsible driving skills. We are committed to helping students become confident drivers.


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